What We Do

As lawyers, trustees, and accountants with decades of experience, we are well positioned and trained to offer sound, objective, independent advice, providing reliable oversight for your overall planning and ensuring that all work on your behalf is carried out in a timely and professional manner.

We have experience and expertise in a diverse range of structures for holding and administering worldwide wealth. These structures cover the broadest array of assets, including businesses, private equity and other financial holdings, bank accounts, financial investments, real estate, aircraft, yachts, collectable cars, art collections, and jewelery.

 The British Virgin Islands

As a British overseas territory and a mature international finance centre, the British Virgin Islands enjoys the reputation of being a tax-neutral, politically stable, and economically secure jurisdiction. This reputation, together with a legal system based on English common law, tight control policies, and modern legislation, has resulted in British Virgin Islands trusts and companies being widely recognised and accepted worldwide as reputable vehicles for wealth and estate planning.

BVI Trusts

Having established and managed simple and complex trusts for clients all over the world over several decades, we are well-placed to bring this extensive experience to the provision of BVI trustee services. This offering adds to the already diverse palette of products and services from which we can tailor solutions for all our clients.

We are able to offer a variety of trust structures, including fully managed discretionary trusts, VISTA trusts, share trusts, and other BVI trust structures tailored to suit your particular objectives and wealth planning needs.

BVI Corporate Services

We are also able to provide BVI corporate management services which include:

  • Incorporation, administration, and management of BVI business companies
  • Registered agent and office services
  • Directorship and corporate shareholding services
  • Bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements, and other incidental services

The BVI business company is an extremely versatile and adaptable corporate entity which can serve as a holding company for a private portfolio, a trading company, a mutual fund, or a real estate holding company.