Who We Are

Founded in 1998 as a law firm in New Zealand, Cone Marshall is today recognised as a leading global fiduciary services group. From its three original locations in New Zealand, Switzerland, and the United States, Cone Marshall has expanded to include offices in the British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, Italy, Paraguay, and Uruguay, along with representative offices in Brazil, Monaco, San Marino, and the United Arab Emirates. Cone Marshall has also joined forces with Investa Trust to add offices in Spain and Curaçao. From these offices, we cover every key jurisdiction in the world.

Our team works closely with an experienced global network of professional advisors as well as banks, trustees, and other institutions. We have particular expertise in resolving conflicts of law across multiple legal systems, via the coordination of the right advisors in each country.

The Cone Marshall Group is entirely independent and is not tied to any other legal or financial service providers.

We firmly believe that meaningful advice involves an understanding of a client’s – usually a family’s – background, philosophy, and culture. Dealing with a problem requires not only legal expertise but also a knowledge of and sensitivity to a client’s long-term interests and aspirations. This understanding is an integral part of the services and solutions we provide.

As part of the Group’s ongoing mission to offer a wide range of solutions for its clients, Cone Marshall (BVI) Ltd and Cone Marshall (BVI) Trustees Ltd are licensed to provide both corporate and trustee services in the British Virgin Islands.

We have a team of legal, financial, and compliance experts who can advise, guide, develop, and implement tailored BVI-based solutions for your wealth and estate planning purposes.